The Island

Another star trails study. Aurora Borealis moving across the northern sky can be seen in the timelapse from this shoot!

Green Energy II

While driving towards Tilaran, we passed by several wind farms. At one point, we decided to stop and take a few photos of this magnificent landscape. While setting up the shot, I looked up, and saw two white horses ascending from behind the lush green hill in front of us. This was an entirely surreal, serendipituous moment, that split second when time comes to a standstill, and technology finds itself in lockstep with nature.
Just to give you a sense of scale, each blade of those windmills is the height of a 3-story building.

Antelope Canyon


Aurum AM

Minimal Footprint

Because of the very consistent and strong winds, the northern hills of Costa Rica are peppered with wind farms. Their spinning is absolutely serene and somewhat hypnotic.

After Heavy Rain

Chase That Wind

Gotta run to keep it flying...

Fly me to the...

Full moon in perigee over Toronto City Airport. This was worth a run to Sugar Beach at 5 AM.

Kleiner Satellit

The satellite just happened to bisect the starry hemisphere by passing almost exactly through the Polaris. Can't stage stuff like that.


One of the waterfalls of Rio Celeste near Tenorio Volcano in Costa Rica. The minerals in the water cause this amazing blue colour. At the end of the trail, there is a hot spring - the only place where you're allowed to swim.


This is a single long exposure. The tent was actually behind my back, and the camera was sharply rotated during the shot to create this image.

Sunset, Fire, Skinny Dipping

Trails Over McCrae

Makes you try to comprehend, once again, how huge this place really is. The Universe, I mean. The Milky Way is on the right, where the stars are denser.

My Mirror McCrae

Long exposure. Wind rustling in the leaves, and quiet splashing of the McCrae lake.

Smooth Docking

Lake. Dock. Evening. Peace and quiet.

Bye Bye Buoy

The Shark Who Ate the Moon

Hummingbird 3

Caution tape

Fisherman's Friend

...and the Fisherman

A Touch Of Fall